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Alex Williams' Strike Or Submit
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What games is S!O!S! comparable to?
S!O!S! is like a Strat-O-Matic or APBA type of sports game.  In effect each fighter's card is like a board on which you will find ratings and results unique to that fighter (each fighter is rated for his ability in stand-up, guard and mount; also in defense--defense against submissions, defense against knockouts, etc.).  Of course these reuslts are determined by the interaction between your fighter and his opponent.  Also, often you will have the opportunity to make certain choices for the fighter which will affect the outcome.
How long does it take to play a fight?
While there are different rules for keeping track of the length of the fight in game time, a normal fight takes about 5-10 minutes to play in real time.
Is the game meant for solo or multi-person play?
The game is set-up so that it is easy to for you to play as both fighters, or for a friend to control one fighter as you control the other.
Is it easy to create new fighters?
The fighters are definitely NOT easy to create.  It takes considerable expertise to create new fighters--for example, I work with a professional game developer for the fighters included.  If you get the game I think you will understand why the rating of fighters is so complex.  The fighters in our game are truly individualized; no two men are the same.  The richness of our ratings stems from the extreme personalization we build into each competitor.  Every fighter accurately reflects his strengths, weaknesses and unqiue moves across different postions ranging from 'UP" to Guard , to Mount, etc.
How do the fighters differ?
When you play with our fighters, you will find that each man yields a different expereince.  For instance, with Randleman you will see his great potential and explosiveness but you will also be frustrated by his characteristic lapses of judgment and periods of inactivity.  Similarly, Sapp will be overwhelming with his power but his questionable endurance will be his weakness.  Yoshida will always be dangerous with submissions , while he will be vulnerable to strikes.  Liddell will impress you with his ability to escape from guard to an Up position.  Minotauro will be especially deadly from his guard.  Cro Cop will unleash killer kicks which are nearly impossible to block.  Cabbage will shrug off shots which would crumple most men, etc.
All this being said, I do think that you'll find that you won't soon grow tired of playing with the fighters we provide. The same complexity that makes it hard to create them also gurantees that the array of fighters in the game will give you a lot of variety and great replay value. Of course,  periodically, we will offer additional fighters in all weight classes, as well as more Legends and competitors for the currently represented weight divisions.
Summary Statement
I really do believe in the game. I am an avid fan of MMA and I designed the game to be something I would love to play.  It was a creation spawned by my love of the sport rather than by my desire to make a buck.  If you get the game, I think you will readily see that I have put a lot of work into it and I truly believe you will have a lot of fun.