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Alex Williams' Strike Or Submit
Info on Latest Edition
Info on Latest Edition
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A brand new version of S!O!S! is availible for immediate delivery!  Enhanced game rules and MANY new fighters at a very special price!

We proudly introduce…the 2nd edition of S!O!S!


What’s New?


--The rules of the game have been overhauled to create more realistic play and include many more random events


--The really big news: lots of new fighters!  For starters, we have re-rated the vast majority of the original 41 fighters.  In addition, we have added 61 new fighters, including more MMA Legends, and we have added two new weight classes!


--It is often the case that the sequel to a game is a quickly done product lacking the quality of the original—we assure you that this is not the case here.  If anything, the fighters of this edition have been more thoroughly researched and individualized.  When you play the game, you will witness:


Andrei Arlovski’s vicious, four-limbed assault; the “gotta eat” street brawling of Kimbo Slice; the relentless attack of Joachim “Hell Boy” Hansen; Rickson Gracie’s unparalleled grappling; the antics of Gracie bad boy Ryan (he wouldn’t actually strike the ref…would he?!?); the question of how Bruce Lee would fare against today’s best; Mauricio “Shogun” Rua’s pressing and powerful striking tempered by his vulnerabilities; and B.J. Penn’s amazing MMA talents which will leave you wondering, “Is he pound-for-pound the greatest fighter ever?”


We are really excited about this new edition of S!O!S! 


We consider it a quantum leap above the original incarnation.  We are also introducing a brand new marketing program that you will find equally exciting.  We all know that it is typical business practice to maximize your profits, particularly if you have a quality and unique product, which we believe is the case with our game.  However, we are trying something very different: we are going for minimum profit and maximum GOOD WILL.  We may be wrong but we believe this approach can be great for everyone.  Here is how our approach works:




If you order the S!O!S! game, we will now send it to you via e-mail.  This means that you will receive the new game much quicker than you did the original; in general, you can expect the game to arrive on your computer within the day, if not within a few hours.  This also allows you to print off your own copy of the game on paper or, for those preferring something more permanent, cardstock.  The only thing you need to provide is your own 6-sided dice (a maximum of 8 is needed).


We realize that anyone who receives a copy of the game could e-mail it to others.  Therefore, to make this program work, we have to trust that our customers will be fair with us.  If someone you know wants a copy of the game, please direct them to our website or if you want to print them off a copy of the game yourself, please make sure they send us the money.  If we all work together, it can be a “win-win” situation.  We will provide you with revised and additional fighters to keep your game always up to date with the latest of MMA action.  In turn, we hope that our satisfied (dare we say “delighted??”) customers will spread the word about our quality and VERY economical product so that we can be rewarded for our work.


On the other hand, if it turns out that we receive very little remuneration for the game our marketing gambit will have failed and, this will probably be the last edition of S!O!S!  Even so, we are proud of what we have created and hope you enjoy it.  May this be the beginning of many editions of our game that will bring you MMA fun for years to come.




Our original game with 41 fighters sold for $19.98.   Our new game with over 100 fighters sells for…drum roll please


**A brand new game with more than 100 fighters is yours for just $10.00! 


And that ain’t all folks ! -- … the drum roll thing again


**If you already own a copy of the original S!O!S!, we want to reward you for your patronage with a brand new game for just $5.00! (This is what we call remembering those who have been with us from the beginning!!)



We think these prices are an extreme bargain; even if you pay the full price of $10, that’s less than ten cents a fighter!


Obviously, for the many, many hours we put into rating fighters, we are getting minimal return on each game sold.  We are offering this very low price to make it a GREAT deal for our fellow martial arts fans, and of course, in the hope that word will spread and we will achieve a much greater volume of sales.  Thus, we would greatly appreciate it if all of our customers would take the time to post on MMA message boards about their positive experiences with the game and a link to our website ( ).   


To order, you may go through our website or PayPal $10.00 to; prior customers may PayPal $5.00 to the same e-mail address.


Questions?  E-mail us at 


As always, we would love to hear any comments or reactions to our game.


All the best,


Alex and Robert Williams