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Alex Williams' Strike Or Submit
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The devastating knockout.  The expertly-executed submission.  The blood, the drama, the upsets.  All are present in Alex Williams Strike or Submit (S!O!S!): A Game of Mixed Martial Arts Combat.  In S!O!S!, players use chart-and-dice (in a non-computerized format) to take control of their favorite mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and pit them against one another in full-contact fights.  Want to have Fedor fight Arlovski; Rickson battle Sakuraba; play out the latest Grand Prix tournament?  All of this is possible in the most accurate and fun MMA game to date!

S!O!S! features:

*Unique Fighters*

Each competitor in S!O!S! is an individual. Instead of having abilities based on a numerical system, where Fighter A is simply two points better at takedowns than Fighter B, S!O!S! boasts dynamic ratings for each fighter. Fighter A may be a ground and pound specialist, so while other options are available to him, the majority of his possible maneuvers will be focused on getting his opponent to the ground and laying a beating on him once he gets there. Fighter B, meanwhile, may be a submission wizard who sometime lets his machismo get the better of him, causing him to strike with reckless abandon standing. Some competitors are also known for specific moves. If Fighter C throws a big right hand and showcases a tight triangle choke, you can be sure they'll be accurately represented in S!O!S!  All of the above are factored in to make each fighter as realistic as possible!

*Players Make the Decisions*

Some simulators never allow users a say in the action; S!O!S! is different. In S!O!S!, players are given the ability to choose between moves and strategies that will benefit their fighters. If a sprawl and brawl strategy is desired, takedowns can be foregone. Likewise, if time is running out in a fight and a submission is necessary to obtain victory, a high-risk attempt at one can be chosen over more deliberate ground and pound.

*Over 100 Fighters*

The best contemporary fighters from the major organizations around the world, as well as Legendary mixed martial artists!

*Multiple Weight Divisions*

Experience the one strike knock out power of the Heavyweights, the incredible parity of the amazing Light Heavyweights, and the Pound-For-Pound Best skills of the Middleweights, Welterweights, and Lightweights!

*Multiple Fight Options*

S!O!S! lets you vary your fight cards by including rules for American, Japanese, and Vale Tudo ("anything goes") contests.  And that's not all!  If you've ever wondered how the best Middleweight might fare against a Heavyweight opponent, you can find out; S!O!S! provides simple guidelines for out-of-weight class bouts.  Of course, you may choose to use Pound-For-Pound rules to determine who is truly the best fighter on the planet!  Run tournaments, main events, and contender fights.  You can even stage your own dream matches, pairing the Legendary mixed martial artists of the past against each other or against today's top competitors.  All this is yours when you own Alex Williams' Strike or Submit! 

Every copy of S!O!S! includes:

* Over 100 separate fighters, each with detailed ratings

* The S!O!S! Manual, teaching you how to play the game, offering tactical hints and suggestions, and featuring rules for American, Japanese, and Vale Tudo combat

* Fight Forms designed to help you track all the damage and progress as the action occurs

Who's in the game?
(Note: A "*" denotes a fighter new to the recently released second edition of the game.)


Tank Abbott (2005)
Andrei Arlovski *
Josh Barnett
Paul Buentello *
Mirko Cro Cop
Wesley ''Cabbage'' Correira
Justin Eilers *
Fedor Emelianenko
Aleksander Emelianenko *
Ian Freeman *
Rulon Gardner *
Gary Goodridge *
Heath Herring
Bobby Hoffman *
Mark Hunt *
Brad Imes *
Sergei Kharitonov *
Stefan Leko *
Frank Mir
Antonio Rodrigo ''Minotauro'' Nogueira
Pedro Rizzo
Ricco Rodriguez
Bob Sapp
Semmy Schilt *
Giant Silva *
Wes Sims
Kimbo Slice *
Tim Sylvia
James ''The Colossus'' Thompson *
Paul Varelans


Ricardo Arona
Vitor Belfort
Randy Couture
Jeremy Horn *
Ryan Gracie *
Quinton ''Rampage'' Jackson
Chuck Liddell
Dean Lister *
Guy Mezger
Antonio Rogerio ''Minotoro'' Nogueira *
Tito Ortiz
Alistair Overeem *
Kevin Randleman
Maurico ''Shogun'' Rua *
Murilo ''Ninja'' Rua
Wanderlei Silva
Elvis Sinosic *
Renato ''Babalu'' Sobral
Igor Vovchanchyn
Hidehiko Yoshida


Phil Baroni
Murilo Bustamante
Ryo Chonan *
Patrick Cote *
Rich Franklin *
Dan Henderson
Jose ''Pele'' Landi-Jons
Matt Lindland
Lee Murray
Carlos Newton
Kazushi Sakuraba
Nino ''Elvis'' Schembri
Anderson Silva *
Evan Tanner *
David Terrell *


Dennis Hallman *
Matt Hughes *
Robbie Lawler *
Jason Miller *
Karo Parysian *
B.J. Penn *
Diego Sanchez *
Matt Serra *
Georges St. Pierre *
Frank Trigg *
Renato ''Charuto'' Verissimo *


Yves Edwards *
Takanori Gomi *
Joachim Hansen *
Tatsuya Kawajiri *
Olaf *
Jens Pulver *
Vitor ''Shaolin'' Ribeiro *
Genki Sudo *
Caol Uno *
Kid Yamamoto *


Tank Abbott
Mark Coleman *
Don Frye *
Rickson Gracie *
Royce Gracie
Mark Kerr *
Kimo *
Bruce Lee *
Marco Ruas
Bas Rutten *
Dan Severn *
Frank Shamrock
Ken Shamrock
Maurice Smith *
Mario Sperry *
Oleg Taktarov *

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